Introducing Maximus UI Kit Template


Any book. Anytime. Anywhere.


The problem

The lack of a vibrant local Christian resourcing, publishing, and authorship for the church in Latin America has been noted by national leaders and missionaries alike. The main contributing factor to this problem is the structure and economics of both the book printing and publishing industry.

the solution

An innovative, micro, print-on-demand (POD) technology that provides an all-inclusive, customized and integrated book-making solution, and comes with a cloud-based, digital library providing access and storage of both creative commons licensed and copyright protected content can address many of the problems facing the publishing and printing industries.

Strategic disruption

Risk reduction

Print the exact quantity of books needed, when they’re needed, all without filling warehouses full of books that will never be read.

New markets

Drive revenue by accessing new markets that have been off limits due to artificial trade barriers.

Increased profits

Digital printing can bypass the retailer altogether, with print-on-demand titles shipped directly to the end user.

New voices

The publishing of relevant, biblical books by authors sensitive to the needs of their culture and who write in the language of the people is essential for true church growth within the Global Church.